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Pacific Consulting Group Partner Nick Jonow joined the Steering Committee of the Society of Family Offices in March. The Society of Family Offices (SFO) is an independent not-for-profit association that started with a goal to open communication for like-minded prominent families in Asia running businesses, investments and family offices.  It allowed trading of ideas and information on investment deals, operation and management of wealth platforms, and setting up family offices to oversea usage of trusts, tax efficient structures, global investments and legacy planning. 

About Society of Family Offices:

SFOasia has grown to a global network family offices, its prominent families, ultra-high net-worth individuals, and businesses owners in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. It still retains its original ideals in forming a protected platform for deal flow, specialized wealth and family office management. It is a network connecting the core members to provide a discrete collective community in sharing resources for wealth preservation, collective investing, philanthropic programs, and access to proprietary research and services.

SFO is by invitation only and strongly committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of its members has in its network family members, family offices, and UHNWI globally. SFO retains objectivity in family office management, member education and shared knowledge. SFO has also partnered to run educational seminars on Family Office Set-up, Chartered Family Office Professionals, and Investment seminars on off market deal flow including alternative asset classes, non-traditional soft investments and private deals.

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